Hey, ever wanted this game now you can just follow these simple steps.

You will need :



WinRAR or 7zip


Step 1: Click this link and then click the orange download button to begin downloading.!0gUhjZTZ!d3qtY8Bb4IXEkYGcGfU_YJO9o-dFY5RkQOVs9KXL8fc

step 2: once downloaded extract to amazing spider-man 2 with winrar and wait.

step 3: Once extracted click the 3rd file in the folder and click install.

step 4: once installed exit all the pop ups and nosTEAM websites and then go to your desktop.

Step 5:Right click the short cut click properties/compatibility and check run as administrator.

Step 6: Click OK and apply and then launch the game.

Step 7: Change settings to whatever you wish

Step 8: Enjoy

Notice: Make sure to Install DirectX.

Also Be sure to check out TheKickBackSpot he is a great youtuber and made this link!!!

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