This is a step by step guide on how to hack your psp. With a hacked/rooted psp you can enjoy : thousands of free games no UMD needed, watch youtube, play music free off the web, use lots of different apps to make things easier and further improve the customization options and last but not least cheat on your favourite games. So lets get started!!!

You will need:

USB cable

A psp ( any model. but with a psp go you are limited on what you can do)

A brain

Internet connection


Step 1:Update your PSP. In order to start the hack, you will need to make sure your PSP is updated to version 6.60. You can either use the system update function, or download the file directly from the | Sony site.

If you download the update file from the Sony website, copy it to the PSP by connecting the PSP to your computer. Copy the file into the PSP/GAME/UPDATE/ folder and then run the update file from the PSP.

To copy files onto a PSP, you will need to put your PSP into USB mode. Once you connect a PSP to your computer, scroll to the left on your PSP’s menu until you reach the settings menu, and then scroll up to select USB mode. Your PSP will then become accessible as a storage device from your computer.

Step 2: Download the custom firmware. You will need PRO-C, which can be found at multiple places on the internet. Extract the file and copy the firmware onto your PSP using USB mode, into the folder PSP/GAME/. Make sure you have your USB plugged in and have enabled USB connection.

Step 3: Install the copied firmware file. Scroll to the Game menu. Find the icon for “PRO Update” and select it with the X button. The screen will go black and a few options will be listed. Press X to install the firmware. After a moment, you will get a Completed message. Press X again to start to firmware.Note: You can delete the flasher thingymajig and everytime you turn your psp click on the recovery app.

Step 4: Press select to know if it's hacked and have a look on youtube or on our next page coming on the 19th on what to do with a hacked psp.

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