Over the years the call of duty games have made millions of fans and released 11 games as soon as the long awaited advanced warfare. But which is the best one? For this list I am excluding call of duty 1, 2 and 3 as these are really outdated.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

This game also contained a great multiplayer mode and a great story but not the best sound or graphics.

Call Of Duty WAW

Definitely one of my favourites this zombie bashing, player shooting first person shooter was great. Along with introducing the first zombies mode seen in call of duty black ops 1 and 2 and world at war also is a fan favourite but is outdated by graphics in the more recent games.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

This is regarded one of the best COD's not just because of its amazing storyline also featuring a DLC COD modern warfare ghost and contains great multiplayer. People still play this game because its more simple and in my opinion more concentrated on.

COD Black ops

This is the second game in the call of duty franchise to have zombies mode. with 4 great DLC's and really addictive playtime this game had you sitting on the edge of your seat online or off.

Modern Warfare 3

This was the worst COD in the list just have a look at some of these videos :D

COD Black Ops II

Great plot fell short in the zombies a bit and great multiplayer with stunning graphics.

CoD Ghosts

Really good game new game mode with aliens, Great Interactive multiplayer maps, new multiplayer gamemodes, great plot and this is set in the future ... BONUS POINTS.

In conclusion i'll have to pick CoD WAW because it was a classic game and had great multiplayer and zombies.

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